Fall is a great time to be outdoors and trees are a big part of that. Changing colors make all take notice of how beautiful and valuable trees are to us. We would like to share some ideas and tips on things that can be done to allow us to enjoy trees for
generations to come.

*Once the leaves drop, the branch structure can be seen easily, and the best possible choices can be made for pruning. High value Oak trees can be safely pruned in the dormant season. (safe period starts around November 1 st )

*When winter comes, snow and ice can cause trees/limbs to fail. An Arborist can make recommendations on steps that can be taken to help prevent this. Structural pruning prescribed specifically for the species of tree will reduce failures. Removing select “undesirable branches” will eliminate the chance they can fail.

*Installing a cable system will strengthen vulnerable branch unions and co-dominant stems. An Arborist can point these out and make a recommendation on the style and size needed for your tree. It is ALWAYS better to be proactive with this. Sometimes trees are unable to recover from damage that could have been prevented. If you are curious about how a cabling system works check out this video on our YouTube Channel.

*Trees in landscaped areas do not have the same benefits as trees growing in natural environments. Decomposing leaves add nutrients back into the soil. Fertilization now can help your tree through the dormant season. A Certified Arborist can determine the proper fertilizer mix and amount based on the situation.

*Removing unwanted or hazardous trees now can save you the trouble of raking the leaves!

*“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the 2 nd best time is NOW” Fall is a great time for planting. Proper planning of location and species must be considered, we can assist you in making the best choices on where/what species/and proper planting.

Next week we will share more tips on things that can be done before the snow flies!

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