We offer the following services to Utility Companies across the following areas; Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota, Eastern South Dakota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa

GIS Inventory and Mapping

We offer up-to-date data, which is critical to maximizing the benefits of your Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Working in unison with Star Energy, we track what is happening on your system. Our GIS technicians monitor where work is being performed and when the work cycle and area will likely need to be addressed again. With your input, we customize any data you would like to track and monitor.

Our GIS inventory and verification services allow a utility, to eliminate training costs, and reduce administrative expenses while improving tracking accuracy. With GIS, your utility can even gain time and shift resources to other key projects.


Land Clearing for New Line Construction

We have the equipment and certified arborists needed to complete the big land clearing jobs in a timely fashion. To prepare for powerline construction, we have cleared hundreds of miles of vegetation. Our solutions for vegetation management on the right-of-way include landowner notification and systems reviews. Additionally, we provide regulatory compliance reporting and documentation, comprehensive management programs, and technology solutions.


Utility Line Clearance

We work with electric companies to complete utility line clearance jobs. Our approach includes using employees that live and work in the same areas, which creates a sense of ownership and pride in the product we deliver. It also keeps communication levels at their highest and allows utility customers to operate more cost effectively.


Utility Safety

Safety is one of our company values, so we strive to be proactive in correcting potentially unsafe conditions and creating an injury-free workplace. Regardless of location, job class, or work environment, our staff of arborists shares this goal to ensure their safety and the public’s safety.

We created a safety committee comprised of Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals and other experts that provide our staff with the latest safety techniques, technologies, and support. Members of the committee are passionate about keeping everyone safe.


Vegetation Management

Carr’s Tree Service is the premier vegetation management company in the upper Midwest. This means that we are available to solve whatever vegetation management issue you are encountering through herbicide spraying, vegetation pruning, and vegetation removal. We will be responsive to your needs and are committed to bringing the greatest quality and workmanship to your project.

Our solutions include proper timing and application, landowner notification, and job systems reviews. We can provide regulatory compliance reporting and documentation, comprehensive management programs, and technology solutions for vegetation management projects.