The bottom line...

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is beetle that feeds solely on all varieties of Ash trees. If left untreated, ash trees WILL be infested and succumb to EAB.

The good news is that valuable ash trees can be protected with a quick, effective and safe treatment that boasts a 99% survival rate.

If you have Ash trees, we can help. Click HERE to save your Ash!

Who What Where When Why How?

Who should care about EAB?

Everyone who owns, rents or manages a property with Ash trees. Whether you own one small tree in your yard, a wooded lot with many or manage publicly owned trees, action needs to be taken. Not every tree can be treated, and once they succumb to EAB they become increasingly hazardous and costly to remove.

What is EAB?

Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native beetle that was unintentionally brought to the USA around 2002. The adult beetle lays eggs in bark crevices. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae bore into the tree where they feed on the tissue that carries water and nutrients. They feed in an S shaped pattern, slowly cutting off the flow to leaves.

Where is EAB's current range?

EAB is currently infesting over 35 states. It's current range in Minnesota is shown in the image below. The most recent findings by the Mn Department of Agriculture are Brainerd, Remer, Hackensack, Little Falls and Saint Joseph. EAB doesn't spread quickly on it's own, most often it's spread over greater distances by people moving infested firewood.


When do I need to take action?

Depends on where you are... if you're located in an area with a known EAB infestation, the time is NOW. Treatments are most successful when done before the tree is infested and no physical damage has been done to the tree. With all of the recent findings in seemingly isolated areas, it's clear that EAB is being moved via firewood. If you have valuable ash trees anywhere in the state, the time to make a plan for treatment is now.

In areas well outside of an infestation, you should begin making a plan. Do you have ash trees? What trees are you ok with losing? What trees are you wanting to protect? A site visit with one of our certified arborists can help you decide!

Why should I care?

Let's say you're lucky enough to live on a wooded property with a variety of species of trees and 20% are Ash. You may choose NOT to treat any of them, because you have other trees that will be able to take their place. Those Ash will eventually become infested, die and become increasingly dangerous until they fail.


You have valuable Ash on your property, the sooner they are protected, the better chances of survival and remaining healthy.

Photo courtesy of Dan Herms, OSU

The photo on the left is only 3 years before the photo on the right in Ohio.

How should I proceed?

If you know that you have ash trees and would like to protect them, please let us know HERE and we can provide a free quote on treatment.

If you are unsure and would like to visit with one of our certified arborists on site to discuss a treatment plan, you can request that HERE.


What does the treatment entail?

This is a "trunk injection" holes are drilled into the trunk of the tree, and the product follows directly into the tree. Injection holes heal in between injection cycles

How successful is the treatment?

Pre-infestation, the product we use is 99% effective at protecting the trees. IF the tree is currently infested by EAB, the product will kill all active larvae, and protect the tree going forward. 20-25% canopy loss or more and the tree is no longer worth treating, too much damage has been done to have a viable tree.

How long does the protection last?

The protection lasts for 2 years

When can I have my trees treated?

Treatments take place during the growing season, typically late May-early September. (approximately 50% leaf growth in spring, until fall color)

Do I need to keep my kids and pets away from the trees being treated?

There is no danger to kids or pets after the treatment, all product stays within the tree.

How much does it cost to protect my tree(s)?

Depending on your location, more specifically infestation level, we treat at different rates which changes the price of treatment. An estimate can be given based of a picture of the tree and it's DBH (Diameter at Breast Height- 4.5' above the ground) Discounts are given for multiple trees on the same property.

Carr's Tree Service is the City of Andover's preferred contractor for EAB treatments again in 2023. If you are a resident, you may be eligible for a discount! Contact the city by following the link below.

**Andover Residents**

City of Moorhead's EAB Plan

Mn Dept of Agriculture EAB