Emerald Ash Borer may currently be dormant in the state, but the Minnesota Department of Agriculture keeps updating their map with more and more areas that EAB has been found.

Some of the most recent additions are: Remer, Hackensack, Little Falls, Pierz, Brainerd, Quamba, Rush City, Hutchinson, Richmond, Saint Joseph. The updated map from the MDA can be found at the link below.

What does this mean for most of Minnesota? If you have valuable Ash trees that you would like to preserve, consider protecting them sooner than later. The product used boasts a 99% success rate at saving ash trees of all varieties when treated pre-infestation, and lasts for 2 years. Once ash become infested with EAB, they CAN still be saved up to approximately 20-30% canopy loss. But once individual branches are dead, there is no bringing them back, and trees will eventually lose their natural form even if they remain alive.

It's not practical to save ALL ash trees. People with many ash on their property are encouraged to make a realistic plan of saving the healthy, high value ash and making a plan for removal of less desirable trees. If you would like assistance with determining what's best for your property, one of CTS's Consulting Arborists would like to meet with you in person to discuss a plan of action. Visit our website HERE to request an onsite consultation.

updated 1/29/24

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