Crew Foreman - Pelican Rapids

Tyler Haarstick

How long have you been with CTS?

I started July 12, 2021. This July will be my 3rd year.

What is your professional experience/trade, beyond CTS?

I did work doing fiber optics for a year. I worked construction laying pipes. I installed seamless gutters and I also sprayed yards for a while. 

Explain your motivation for this line of work? (What gets you excited, what makes you look forward to a day at work, etc)

I love that everyday is a new challenge. Every tree is different and it’s really fun to see everyone working hard and having fun. I get really excited to climb and learn new things.

What jobs/roles have you served for CTS?

I started out as a ground technician for a couple of months then worked my way up to operator and now for the last year I have been a Crew Foreman.

In the next year, what is something new you would like to experience or learn at CTS?

In the next year I would like to get more experience with climbing and learn as much as I can about it with the rigging side of things. I would also like to experience a crane job.

What advice would you give yourself back on your first day working for CTS with the knowledge you now have?

I would tell myself to be like a sponge and absorb as much information as possible and the hard work pays off.

Tell the story of your favorite job, experience or memory working for CTS

I have tons of great memories but one of my favorites would be taking down one of the biggest cottonwoods in Fergus that was struck by lightning and still smoldering. Another fun experience was notching and dropping 143 trees in a field.

Is there anything else we should know about you as a person that makes you who you are outside of your days at CTS?

I’m a pretty quiet person but I’m very outgoing when you get to know me. I love to hunt, fish and trap. I’m really big into trying new recipes with my smoker grill and I grill every weekend even throughout the winter. I love my family. I have a fiancé, a 15 month old daughter, another daughter due to come in March, and a soon to be step daughter. I love sports and also love to play the guitar.