Utility Crew Operator - Henning

Thalen Zimmerman

How long have you been with CTS?

7 months 

What is your professional experience/trade, beyond CTS?

Prior to my time at CTS I was a newspaper reporter for two years. I wrote news and feature stories while also producing a twice a week podcast. 

Explain your motivation for this line of work? (What gets you excited, what makes you look forward to a day at work, etc)

After two years with the newspaper I decided I wanted to get outside. Then I found Carr's Tree Service. While some days can be tough, I thoroughly enjoy being outside everyday, getting fresh air, exercise and honing a new skill. 

What jobs/roles have you served for CTS?

I started off as a groundsman with the main responsibilities of cleaning the area after tree trimming and removals. Nowadays I spend most of my time high up in the bucket as an operator, trimming and removing trees.

In the next year, what is something new you would like to experience or learn at CTS?

I want to keep working up through the company and learning more about trees. I have a goal of becoming a certified arborist. 

What advice would you give yourself back on your first day working for CTS with the knowledge you now have?

To get in the bucket earlier. I was hesitant about going up because of the heights but now that is not a problem. I actually enjoy being up there.

Tell the story of your favorite job, experience or memory working for CTS

My favorite job was working a line drop(where the power company temporarily takes down the powerlines, so we can perform the work safely) near Battle Lake. It was fun because we were falling large trees without having to worry about the power lines. 

Is there anything else we should know about you as a person, that makes you who you are outside of your days at CTS?

I'm a father of two beautiful girls and a husband to a gorgeous wife. Everything I do is for them!