Health, Safety & Environment Representative - Fergus Falls

Quinten Ulschmid

How long have you been with CTS?

I started in 2013 as a summer job with the intention of going back to school. I was here for 3 1/2 years. I then went to pursue a degree in construction management. After two years I felt a calling to come back to Carr’s and have been back for 5 years. 

What is your professional experience/trade, beyond CTS?

I've worked various manual labor jobs since I was 14. I managed the detail shop at Nelson Auto Center while in high school. I then went into the construction trades and worked my way through various project manager positions before coming back to Carr’s. 

Explain your motivation for this line of work? (What gets you excited, what makes you look forward to a day at work, etc)

My favorite part of CTS is that everyday is different. I have various roles I fill which allow me to challenge myself daily. Everyone that knows me knows that I strive to be the best I can and become an expert at whatever I do. I love coaching and developing new and upcoming talent. Carr’s has given me an opportunity to stretch, grow, and learn new skill sets.  

What jobs/roles have you served for CTS?

I started as a ground technician, within 3 months I became an operator. After a year I took over as a crew leader for Private Residential and Utility Work. I did that for 2 more additional years. After my college experience I came back as a foreman, I then worked my way into a General Foreman position for multiple utility contracts. In my current role, I serve as CTS's HSE Representative and work directly with our CEO and COO as support for utility line operations and logistics, as well as helping develop new technology and processes with our HR team. 

In the next year, what is something new you would like to experience or learn at CTS?

I've been very fortunate to work with our CEO and COO on a daily basis to continue to hone and develop new skill sets. My goal is to always be 1% better than I was the previous day. In the next year I would like to continue to help CTS experience organic growth and help develop the upcoming leaders of the company. 

What advice would you give yourself back on your first day working for CTS with the knowledge you now have?

Slow down and be patient. Take every opportunity presented to you and run with it. 

Tell the story of your favorite job, experience or memory working for CTS

Working with Derek Witthuhn on some storm damaged trees and having a flying squirrel land in our bucket. Otherwise, seeing our employees grow and advance into leaders. Being able to watch the "lightbulb" moments is something I take great joy in. 

Is there anything else we should know about you as a person that makes you who you are outside of your days at CTS?

I'm a highly motivated individual and I am constantly trying to be the best I can at whatever I'm pursuing. That includes physical fitness and currently competing in ironman races.