Chief Operations Officer - Alexandria

Evan Amundson

How long have you been with CTS?

10 years

What is your professional experience/trade, beyond CTS?

I started out going to college at Bethel and working at a Tree Service job. From there, I bounced around a little bit and did a little bit of road construction, some framing construction and some miscellaneous odd jobs in the woods. I’ve always come back to the trees though.

Explain your motivation for this line of work? (What gets you excited, what makes you look forward to a day at work, etc)

I love the variety and the different people I get to see day in and day out. I like the challenges that are put in front of us and coming up with solutions to problems.

What jobs/roles have you served for CTS?

When I first started here I worked out on the crew and gained knowledge in the industry and in the company and have pushed myself to continually improve and improve those around me. I currently serve as the chief operation officer. 

In the next year, what is something new you would like to experience or learn at CTS?

I would like to experience continued organic growth, and seeing our staff continue to evolve in their profession and career, also for everyone to get home safe every night. 

What advice would you give yourself back on your first day working for CTS with the knowledge you now have?

Be patient trust the process, always push yourself to be the best that you can be and things will happen for you at Carr's Tree Service.

Tell the story of your favorite job, experience or memory working for CTS

Most enjoyable time that I can remember is working in Brainerd after a storm and cutting down hundreds of pine trees that were uprooted and or compromised using cranes.

Is there anything else we should know about you as a person that makes you who you are outside of your days at CTS?

I’m a Man of faith with family at my core. I have 2 kids. I’m committed to continual self improvement. Fishing and hunting are hobbies as well as snowboarding and chasing kids around.

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