Tree Services

Our trained climbing arborist can help with any tree in any location. When a bucket cannot access the area the tree is in, we have multiple climbing specialists that can safely and efficiently access the tree. We never use climbing spikes to climb except on removals. Spikes leave open wounds that spread disease and are very detrimental to the tree and can often lead to death.

Aerial Basket Trimming & Removal
Our crews are trained to provide professional trimming and removal practices from private individuals to utility companies where aerial baskets are needed. Most of our aerial baskets have the capability of reaching 75 feet high and are capable of aiding in the removal of trees much taller. Given the many different situations, aerial basket removals aid in employee safety and protection against property damage.

Hauling or Chipping
We have equipment available to handle any cleanup work which needs to be done. Our loader trucks consist of a 20 foot boom arm and a grapple on the end which can load both log and brush piles in a quick and effective manner. Brush can also be chipped with our brush chippers. Our brush chippers can handle branches up to 4"-20" in diameter. The wood chips can be used for mulching around trees, plants and landscaped areas.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is an easy way to rid your yard of stumps which result in suckers popping up year after year. Stump grinding leaves a minimal mess and hole compared to a backhoe or other large equipment. Our stump grinders vary in size and are capable of getting into hard to reach places. The stump grinders also leave minimal footprints on one's yard. A new tree should not be planted in place of the old, because the old root system is still in place. Carr’s Tree Service will, if needed contact the electric company to spot or identify underground wires in the vicinity.

Hydro Axing & Brush Mowing
When doing line clearance, lot clearing projects, or cutting a trail through the woods, these two pieces of equipment can get the job done quickly and efficiently. These machines can handle material up to 10 inches in diameter and give the most rugged of territory a clean cut.

Chemical Application
From stumps to townships, to roadsides and right of ways, we are fully licensed applicators using environmentally tested and safe chemicals. Please contact us or inquire about any spray applications you may have.